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Welcome to the official Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Australia – IOGKF Australian website, on this site you will find all of the information you need about training for Goju Ryu Karate and where you can train around Australia.

Our mission is to promote and teach traditional International Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate, in accordance with the teachings of founder, Chojun Miyagi under the instruction of  Sensei Nakamura Sensei and Sensei Morio Higaonna. International Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate (IOGKF Australian)  Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Canberra, Sydney, Tweed Heads and Mackay. Training with IOGKF Australia means you’ll be apart of a combine class of Karate all directly involved with IOGKF Okinawa Japan ( If you are looking for a place to practice Karate in Australia, then look no further.

1545981_913367245354815_3677060288671550331_nThe name ‘Goju’ has more implications than merely hard/soft. It was derived from the context of the third of the eight poems that described the martial arts in the book Bubishi: ho(wa) go ju donto(su) – ‘the way of inhaling and exhaling is hardness and softness’ or ‘inhaling represents  softness while exhaling characterises hardness’. Another explanation can be found in the words nai go gai ju, which, directly translated, means: ‘firm within, frail without’. The physical implications are obvious when  our techniques  are witnessed-  soft-looking movements  that have devastating effects when executed correctly. The mental implications are that of an outer appearance and manners of a complete gentleman or lady, while inside a strong tenacious, endeavouring, ‘never give up’ fighting spirit is fostered.

We strive to

  • Improve our own character
  • Act unselfishly Refrain from violent and uncontrolled behaviour
  • Develop a spirit of endeavour and perseverance
  • Seek the true ways of life or living through hard training and sacrificing of self-interests (egotistical behaviour)

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Rare photos of Higaonna Sensei from the private photographic collection of Sensei Terry O'Neil. Includes pictures of Higaonna Sensei demonstrating kata on one of his first research trips to China. ...

After much persuasion from his daughter Hannah and myself, Terry O'Neill sensei has agreed to share some of these photos of Higaonna sensei from his personal collection, hope you enjoy looking at them...Max

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For anyone who wants to give up on their martial arts training because it's too tough watch this video and learn what it means to have a real struggle and are able to overcome physical limitations by never giving up on yourself. You CAN do it. It just takes time and patience. #nevergiveup ...

NEVER ,EVER GIVE UP! Arthur's Boorman inspirational Transformation!! A must see story everyone should watch! Video credit to DDP Yoga

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I would like to thank Sensei John Hung, Sempai Ryan Burnell, Sensei Vairavasundaram Veera Rajasegaran (former asst chief instructor IOGKF Malaysia 1st from left) & my late Sensei Michael Ch'ng (former chief instructor IOGKF Malaysia pictured below 4th from left) for shaping me who I am in my karate journey. I will strive to achieve the essence of Gojuryu by training harder. ...

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Congratulations to (l-r) Enoch (shodan), Anton (nidan), Brendan (shodan), Will (junior shodan), Riley (junior shodan), Nicky (sandan) and Alison (shodan).
Instructors sensei Gavin Hill (godan), chief instructor sensei Simon Beaumont (rokudan), sensei Paul Parlett (godan) and sensei Brent Pawlik (godan).

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